This site displays photos of makeshift memorials that spontaneously arise after individuals are killed by violence in Oakland. Each site of a killing is photographed whether or not a memorial is found there....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Charles Brackins Jr., #98

Charles Brackins Jr., 33
Killed 9/16/07 1:43 am
1800 block of 14th Av

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Anonymous said...

Rest With the Angels Charles! I hear Malik is doing better in the hospital. I know OPD isnt going to catch these Asian murderers that did this, they haven't caught them for the last sideshow murder. But surely those whose hearts are the image of Satan's will feel the wrath of God. Thats ashame when a person can't even walk to the store or come out and celebrate their b-days w/ good friends in their own hometown, worst yet a police dept that pick & chooses which case they feel should be investigated n resolved!