This site displays photos of makeshift memorials that spontaneously arise after individuals are killed by violence in Oakland. Each site of a killing is photographed whether or not a memorial is found there....

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Odell Roberson, #58

Odell Roberson, 31
Killed 7/8/07 12:08 am
1000 block of 60th St

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Anonymous said...

Odell Roberson Jr., 31, was shot to death in North Oakland July 8, 2007, with an AK-47 assault rifle. A similar weapon was used to kill Michael J. Wills Jr. near Your Black Muslim Bakery just four days later. Roberson reportedly was the uncle of Alfonza Phillips, the man convicted of killing bakery CEO Antar Bey during an attempted carjacking in 2005.

Roberson's family believes he was killed in retaliation. At the time of Roberson's slaying, Phillips was awaiting trial. In the wake of an Aug. 3, 2007, raid on the bakery, police added the Roberson and Wills slayings to recent cases they believe are linked to the bakery's associates.