This site displays photos of makeshift memorials that spontaneously arise after individuals are killed by violence in Oakland. Each site of a killing is photographed whether or not a memorial is found there....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rigoberto Aleman, #122

Rigoberto Aleman, 32
Killed 12/26/07 10 pm
4400 block of Jensen St


Deb said...


I originally learned of your blog a few months ago. I am a high school teacher in Oakland and too many of my students have had their lives damaged by violence. I think your blog is very powerful; although it is simple, listing only a few facts it also says so much more and it is also a testament to and of the violence that has taken our community hostage. Each person lost is a like another psychic wound. The entire city is suffering from PTSD, but there can be no healing as this wound is ripped open many times each month.

I think your blog shows honor to the victims; memorializes their lives and their deaths. Thank you for the time and effort and emotion that must go into such a labor, which is truly a labor of love.


Nic B. said...

Your words of encouragement are appreciated, and I agree with your PTSD comment.
As a teacher in Oakland, you are part of the solution!