This site displays photos of makeshift memorials that spontaneously arise after individuals are killed by violence in Oakland. Each site of a killing is photographed whether or not a memorial is found there....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tommy Ray Spencer, Jr., #34

Tommy Ray Spencer, Jr., 17
Killed 5/11/07 9:50 pm
1601 28th Ave


Anonymous said...

RIP lil Cuzzin. We miss you so much. You know Deedra about to have a baby Girl. She naming her after you. God I wish you were here. I would give anything to let you drive my car Today....I love you and yo mama doing real good. Yanai is so big and Smart. I love you
Love always and forever

Anonymous said...

Lucky that this happened before I got to see yo ass in the streets it woulda been a gun battle between us n I woulda done u the same as the store clerk did ur back stabbing disrespectful broke ass u don't know wat loyalty means that's why u ain't here no more cuz u chose the wrong way to get money now look at u you stupid fuck look how u ended up at age 17 becuz how stupid u r man wen god seen how shady u where n didn't no the definition of loyalty and being faithful he took yo dumb ass off this planet n sent yo ass to the devil himself...well we had good memories and fun times together but u fucked me over right before u died like a piece of shit back stabber anyways rest in peace to yo dumb ass I forgive u.....